Vocolinc Mistflow Air humidifier VH1 leaked

Earlier today the Vocolinc website went down with a message informing visitors that a “new website is coming soon” While we were expecting the Air Purifier VP1 along with the new contact sensor to be added to the store. They also list a surprise product named the Vocolinc Mistflow Air humidifier VH1 which appears to be HomeKit enabled.

Vocolinc lists the Mistflow Air humidifier VH1 under the “Well-being” section, although clicking on the product image takes you to a page not found. I know at the moment little about the new Vocolinc product. Other than it will be a humidifier, but also be able to infuse your air with essential oils. The smart humidifier will also have a built in light and work with HomeKit.Vocolinc-Misflow-Air-humidifier-VH1

They also list the VAP1 Air purifier under the “well-being” section along with the New VOCOlinc Smart Sensor VS1. So it would appear that these new products are about to launch in the US market.

We have reached out to Vocolinc for comment and more details, So don’t forget to subscribe for more HomeKit News. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

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