Vocolinc MistFlow Smart Humidifier now available




The Vocolinc MistFlow smart humidifier is now available from the company’s website for $69.99. The smart humidifier works with HomeKit and features a 2.5L water tank, colour light and is compatible with essential oil fragrances.

Update – Its now showing as coming soon. Looks like the Vocolinc made an error on the website.

The smart humidifier features 2.5L water tank and can service an area of up to 430 sq. ft. You can control the humidifier with 5-speed settings along with the ability to add your favourite essential oil to the water tank. As with the Flowerbud diffuser, the VH1 features a light with 16 million colours to choose from.Vocolinc MistFlow Smart Humidifier now available

Control is provided by the VOCOlinc app to that allows special colour effects for the Mood Light. You can also schedule the humidifier or programme the countdown timer. Connectivity is via Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and the company says you can access the device remotely if required.

As previously mentioned the VH1 MistFlow smart humidifier works with HomeKit. while the company does not go into detail about the level of control with HomeKit. We suspect the Home app will allow you to control the 5 speed settings of the smart humidifier and colour light. Because this is a HomeKit device, you will be able to use it with automations and triggers.

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Although Vocolinc are yet to comment on the launch, you can order the Vocolinc MistFlow Smart Humidifier today for $69.99. However, at the time of this article it looks like shipping is $20., which seems rather steep. But we hope that we the Vocolinc MistFlow Smart Humidifier makes its way to Amazon soon, like the Vocolinc air purifier recently did for European customers.

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  1. Is it just me, or is this product not actually purchaseable at the moment? I can add it to cart and get through to shipping, but I can’t actually enter payment info on their storefront. Doesn’t seem like the store is actually working..?

  2. Update – Vocolinc support emailed me saying they did not intend to release this on the website, and that it actually won’t be available for purchase until the end of October :/


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