Wemo announce a new smart plug and switch with HomeKit




WeMo, the smart home company is launching two new devices, a smart plug, and a wireless switch. Both devices will support HomeKit and other smart home platforms with the need for an extra hub.

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The new smart plug, which will be compatible with HomeKit and like the original model, this will be  support wifi. The smart plug will also support Amazon Alexa and Google. It is not known if the model will support any kind of energy monitoring.Wemo wireless switch homekit

Next up is a brand new product, called the Wemo Stage. This is a triple button wireless smart switch that comes with a backplate for mounting on a wall. The switch device is  wireless switch, comprising three buttons. It is unlikely to use Wifi due to battery life limitations. So I am expecting both devices to use Bluetooth for connectivity.

Pricing for the Wemo Stage will be launched in the Summer of 2020, but expected to be around $50. The smart plug is said to be around US$24.99 and both will ship around the Spring of 2020.

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