Wemo Smart Video Doorbell Review – Another HomeKit doorbell to consider

Demo Smart Video doorbell

Apple has been developing the software behind the HomeKit doorbell over the years. The first being the introduction of HomeKit Secure Video, then adding HomePod doorbell chimes and recently package detection. However, despite this manufactures have been slow to bring smart doorbells to the market with only a handful available.

However, at CES 2022, Belkin announced the Wemo Smart video doorbell that will ship to the US market. The new smart video doorbell will join the Logitech Circle View as being the only real viable HomeKit Secure Video doorbell. Of course, we have other vanilla HomeKit doorbells with the Netatmo smart video doorbell, Arlo and Yobi.

Although the Wemo smart doorbell does not arrive until February or March of this year. I have been testing it on my door. In this review will take you through my thoughts on the design, setup and install. How it works in HomeKit Secure Video and its overall video performance.

Wemo Smart Video Doorbell Review – Key features

  • Price $249.99
  • 4MP sensor with a 178-degree field of view
  • infrared night vision
  • Motion detection, the sensor is exposed to HomeKit
  • No onboard storage
  • Works with HomeKit Secure Video
  • IP65
  • Wi-Fi and supports both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections

The Wemo Smart Video Doorbell goes on sale for in the US between February and March priced at $249.99. Belkin has said it does not plan to sell the device in Europe or the UK.

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Demo Smart Video doorbell
Wemo Smart Video Doorbell Review
To wrap up the Wemo Smart Video doorbell review, its far to say I am left with mixed feelings on the device. Belkin has put a lot of thought into the design and build quality. The setup process is fairly straightforward when you compare this to the Netatmo HomeKit doorbell, for instance. I also like the fact that you can set up the Wemo doorbell using NFC.
HomeKit Secure Video
Easy to setup
Day camera quality not great
Night vision poor and lens distortion issue
Produces ghost like image of subjects


  1. Setup was easy and quick. Camera quality was washed out in background, became unresponsive in HomeKit after a little over a week. Was on the phone trying to get tech support For over 2.5 hours, tried Facebook, twitter, online and no response. The review of my experience was removed after 15 minutes, if Belkin would provide as quick customer service, I would still be a Customer and would keep this item. I am very disappointed with the company, since I have over 20 Belkin products. Instead of owning the issue and working with the customer they are hiding the truth.

  2. I spent over 3 hours trying to get the Wemo Smart Video Doorbell to work. After initial set-up, the camera suddenly lost power and has been unable to re-gain power. I called Wemo support. 45 minutes of waiting on hold (muzak) and a live “chat” did not solve the problem, I am returning the camera. Smart shouldn’t be so frustrating or so time-consuming. The lack of support from Belkin/Wemo is deplorable. Be warned before you buy anything from this company.


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