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Apple plans to release iOS 15.1 to the public on Monday 26th October and this will bring several improvements and bug fixes to iOS devices. While the headline features are Prores video recording and Shareplay. In this latest update, HomeKit gets some love bringing conditional automations directly from the Home App.

For sometime HomeKit users have been able to create these via third party Apps, like Eve. But now users can create conditional automations for HomeKit within the native Home App.

So Starting in iOS 15.1, HomeKit users will get the ability to create temperature, humidity, and light level automations. So finally you can make use of the sensors built into many HomeKit accessories that until now only provided readings.iOS 15.1 HomeKit conditional automations light levels

Conditional automation in iOS 15.1 ideas

For example, you can now create an automation that automatically turns on your Fan connected to a HomeKit smart plug if the temperature increases past a certain threshold to help cool down a room. Likewise, you could also increase the temperatures on your HomeKit enabled thermostats if the house gets too cold.

For humidity, you can combat dry air in your home by creating automation that triggers a HomeKit humidify if humidity drops below a certain level. Then, with light automations, you can use LUX sensors built into HomeKit devices to turn on lights outside your home when the light levels drop.

Additionally, and as with previous versions of iOS firmware and HomeKit. You can create automations based on air quality and carbon dioxide levels.

If you want to know more about conditional automation for HomeKit in iOS 15.1. Then checkout this video on our YouTube channel for a detailed tutorial on how to set up them. I will take you through all the new conditional automations in iOS 15.1. Plus some of my favorite automations using temperature, humidity, light and air quality sensors.


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  1. One use-case I am looking forward to is to start the fan on HVAC for even heat distribution to control window condensation when it is extremely cold outside.

  2. Is it just me, or are the autmoations inverted in the Home App. When I create a temperature automation in Home App to turn on our fan when the temperature rises above 25, the eve app it shows as = 25 in the eve app, the home app shows “drops below 25” The same happens when I create a lux automation to close our shades. For now I continue to set my sensor automations from the Eve app which work great even though they show inverted in Home App.

  3. Since the iOS 15.1 update, have you found a way that HomeKit can send a notification if the temperature goes below or above a certain temperature? All I can get it to do is control another device but I just want a notification to appear. I have tried using an app called Pushcut but I can’t get it to work. Any ideas? Thank you


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