Yale smart cabinet lock with HomeKit support

Yale Smart cabinet lock HomeKit

The worlds first HomeKit cabinet smart lock is due for release by the end of the year. The Yale Smart Cabinet lock, which can be mounted on existing cabinet doors and drawers with single or double doors to secure valuable belongings. Control is via the Yale app and works with works with HomeKit without the need for an addtional hub.

Yale smart Cabinet Lock comes as two parts, the body fits onto the inside of the cupboard. Then the plate with a catch attaches to the door or draw and locks automatically when the door catch engages. The lock is Bluetooth powered and is operated directly from your smartphone when it’s in range. Power is provided by a Single 3V Lithium CR2 and Yale says it will last up to 1 year.Yale Smart cabinet lock HomeKit

But to use the Yale Smart cabinet lock remotely, you will need a Yale Wi-FI bridge to make this all happen. In addition, you can buy the Yale Keypad and open the lock via a code.

In terms of safety, if you attach this to a cupboard big enough for your child to crawl into. When closed, The Yale Cabinet Lock lights up when it’s dark to highlight the emergency release button.

HomeKit support

In terms of HomeKit support, the Yale Smart cabinet lock supports Apple’s smart home platform with no additional hub needed. This means the smart lock will connect to HomeKit via Bluetooth and work with the Home app on your iOS device. But to access the smart cabinet lock remotely via HomeKit, you will need a HomeKit hub such as an Apple TV or HomePod.

Yale Smart cabinet lock Pricing and availability

The Yale Smart cabinet lock will retail for €79 in the EU and £60 in the UK. This includes the Yale Smart cabinet lock, Single 3V Lithium CR2 and everything needed to get installed. Although Yale showed off a device in the demo today, they only could say that it will be available towards the end of 2020. In addtion to this the Yale Linus smart lock will be available in October.

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