Yeelight announces Matter smart home devices at CES 2023

Yeelight, a brand in the smart lighting space, announces new products and confirms its integration with Matter. The new products will work with Apple Home and span across its Fun, Home and Pro product lines.

Yeelight offers a variety of products for both consumer and professional use. For daily life, there’s an abundance of options with their Yeelight Home range, while Yeelight Fun provides playful experience aptly tailored towards entertainment needs. And for professional installers through smart lighting design – look no further than Pro!

Yeelight CubeYeelight cube smart light matter

First of the new product announcements is the Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp in their Fun portfolio that will be compatible with Matter and Apple Home. It offers users an enjoyable building experience by providing three distinct units – Spot, Matrix and Panel. These blocks can be assembled upon one’s desk for exciting customization options.

Yeelight didn’t give a timeline or price, but expect the Cube smart lamp to arrive before the end of Q1.

Yeelight Curtain controllerYeelight curtain controller matter

For the Yeelight Home portfolio, the company has announced the Yeelight Curtain controller that will also support Matter and Apple Home. Additionally, the company plans to launch several new lighting options later this year with Matter support.

Yeelight didn’t give a timeline or price, but expect the Curtain controller to arrive before the end of Q2.

Yeelight Pro gets Matter

Yeelight announced that its Pro product portfolio that will support Matter with a seamless over-the-air (OTA) firmware update. Further setting the bar for innovation in smart lighting technology is their launch of the Smart Scene Panel and Magnetic Track Lights to worldwide audiences.

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