Yeelight Staria bedside Lamp Pro review

Yeelight has been around for sometime producing affordable smart lighting products, adding HomeKit to some of its key devices. One of the HomeKit enabled smart lights is a bedside lamp that comes in two models, Staria Desk Lamp or Staria Desk Lamp Pro. With the only difference is that the Pro version has the smart phone charging pad. So continue reading this in-depth Yeelight Staria bedside Lamp Pro review to find out if this is the right HomeKit bedside light for you.

As with all our reviews, we try to be transparent with how we got the device. For this review, I received the Staria Desk Lamp Pro from Banggood free of charge. But this will not affect the review either good or critical. You can read more on our review promise and ethics statement.

Yeelight Staria bedside Lamp Pro features

  • Price from $60 from Banggood
  • 350lm
  • Colour temperature range between 2700 and 6500K
  • Wireless charging pad with 10w max output
  • Connects via Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
  • Works with HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant.

In the box

  • Yeelight Staria bedside Lamp Pro
  • User guide
  • Charging cable and power block

Yeelight Staria bedside Lamp Pro design & features

The lamp comes in a white matt plastic finish except for the charging pad, which is a grey nonslip material. It is split into two parts with the lampshade and base held together by a single metal pole.Yeelight Staria Bedside lamp Pro review

The base of the Staria bedside Pro features a flush button that turns the light on and off. Along with controlling several lighting options. It also features a small discrete LED light to show successful charging via the charge pad or not. Speaking of the wireless charging pad, this can provide charging up to 10W for a compatible smart phone. The rear of the base is a barrel charging port that provides power. Finally, on the bottom of the base it has some rubber non slip pads to help keep it in place.

Moving onto the lampshade which has two distinct lighting sections. With the principal part being a down light and a light ring on top of the shade. While it has 2 light sources, they both take light from a series LEDs. These LEDs are capable of 350lm and a colour temperature range between 2700 and 6500k. Finally, the lampshade can be moved in a horizontal angle with the option of 0º–30º.

For power, the Staria lamp uses a 12V/1.5A supply with a type A and a barrel connection on the end of the power cable. While the plug came with mine was not a UK spec. I had a UK adapter from another smart home product and used that.

Yeelight Staria bedside Lamp Pro setup

Although you can use the Staria bedside lamp pro via the Home App and just leave it at that. It is worth adding it to the Yeelight app for not only firmware updates, but because the app has some neat features that you may want to use.Yeelight Staria Bedside lamp Pro setup

So getting started, download the Yeelight from the App Store and then create an account. You will then need to go to the device tab and click the + icon. This will then take you through the setup process.

Once the Staria light is set up in the Yeelight app, you then need to set it up in HomeKit. You can do this by opening the Home App or directly within the Yeelight app by the settings menu.

I added it via the add to Home option in the Yeelight app, which brings up the familiar HomeKit scan option. You then follow the reminder of the HomeKit setup process, like adding to a room and naming the device.

Using the Yeelight Staria bedside Lamp Pro

The lamp is capable of warm to cool whites ranging between 2700 and 6500. The light from the downward part has a narrow spread. Whereas the light from the upper ring is more decorative in nature.

Operating the lamp using the power button allows you to turn the lamp on or off. When you press the button, it will turn the light on to the last brightness and colour temperature before I turned it off. If you want to adjust the colour temperature, then you have to long-press the button.

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If you double press the button it will put it into timer mode. The light will then turn off after a fixed amount of time, which is 10 minutes.

Yeelight app

If you want to step things up a little, then you can jump into the Yeelight app. Although it is simplistic, the Yeelight still feature some pleasant options. Yeelight has split the layout into two sections, the top part has various light effect options, and the tabs on the bottom offer more control over the light.

The first tab you find some animated lighting effects.

  • Sunrise, sunset and reading. These offer various difference brightness and colour temperature levels.
  • You also get Flash notify, which flashes the LED’s three times and then puts the light into a warm colour state. This would be the case even if the light was a cool temperature before.
  • Then you have Candle flicker, which attempts to as the name suggests mimicking candle flicker. If I am being honest, this mode was rather annoying, and I never used it other than to test.Yeelight Staria Bedside lamp Pro app

The next tab, called sun mode, allows you to adjust the colour temperatures using a picker. This mode allows you to play with the colour temperature range to get a desired lighting choice.

Moon mode

The final tab is Moon mode, and this enables a very low level night light setting for the Staria lamp. So while the lamp can get down to a relatively low light threshold, this mode takes it to another level. While this mode could be useful for some as a night light to be left on. I didn’t find the light level useful.Yeelight Staria Bedside lamp Pro moon mode

Along the bottom is a button to turn the lamp on and off and a button to add current state to favourites. The final tab gives you the option to set the colour temperature range from 2700k to 6500k in several intervals. You also get options to set times and schedules, programme a night mode and a default state when its turned on.

HomeKit control

From the HomeKit side of things, Apple treats the Staria lamp pro like any other light. But it does not have modes like the lighting effects or the ‘Moon’ option found in the Yeelight app.

So at its basic level you can tap the tile and turn the light on and off. You can also long press on the tile and use the slider to adjust its brightness of the light. Although you cannot get it as low as the moon mode found in the Yeelight app. If you want to adjust the colour temperatures, you can use the light wheel and make adjustments as desired.Yeelight Staria Bedside lamp Pro Homekit

You can also use the light in automation and scenes like any other HomeKit light. I set it up to come on in a morning as part of my morning automation and set the light temperature to a cool white. I also added this to my Philips Hue dimmer switch in my bedroom offering control along with the other lights.

Wireless charging pad

The charging pad works with any smartphone capable of wireless charging, which includes most of the recent iPhones and Android devices. In my case, I was using an iPhone XR and had no issue with it.

When you place a suitable phone on the pad, a small LED on the lamp’s base will light up to show charging is taking place. But if you place a device that is not compatible, the same LED will flash rapidly until you remove it.Yeelight Staria Bedside lamp Pro iphone

As I am using this in my bedroom as a bedside light, the built-in charging pad has been a useful feature. Particularly because I have used it to charge my phone at night, ready for my day ahead. Although I have found that it takes a far amount of time to charge. So this is not something I have used to give my phone a quick boost throughout the day.Yeelight Staria Bedside lamp Pro airpods

In addtion to charging my iPhone, I have also used it to charge my AirPods, and it worked fine. This is despite reading reports of other reviewers saying it did not work.

Yeelight Staria bedside Lamp Pro review conclusion

Overall, I am impressed with the Staria Bedside lamp pro and i have found it does a good job as a bedside lamp. Although you could use this in an office or a living room without it looking out of place. I liked the ability to adjust the light temperature range depending on the time of day. The other thing I am happy to report, the Staria lamp did not have any instances of “No Response” in the Home App, which is welcome.

As with any review, I always take into account the setup of the device and the process involved. The Staria Lamp Pro does not disappoint in that regard, it took me around 5 minutes to get setup the device and working in the Yeelight app and HomeKit.Yeelight Staria Bedside lamp Pro review

In terms of the wireless charging side of things, it’s been ok for my needs as I only use it for overnight charging. Although some might be disappointed as charging is restricted to 5w for Apple devices.

The bottom line, if you want a bedside light with a build in wireless charging bad then this is an acceptable option. But if you do not need the wireless charging capabilities, then go for Yeelight Staria bedside lamp, which works exactly the same.

You can buy the Yeelight Staria Bedside Lamp Pro from Banggood for between $60 and $70. But if you want the none pro version without wireless charging version, you can pick that up for about $50.

So that’s a wrap on the Yeelight Staria bedside Lamp Pro review, Don’t forget to subscribe for more HomeKit reviews. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

Yeelight Staria Bedside lamp Pro review
Yeelight Staria bedside Lamp Pro review
Review Summary
The bottom line, if you want a bedside light with a build in wireless charging bad then this is an acceptable option. But if you do not need the wireless charging capabilities, then go for Yeelight Staria bedside lamp, which works exactly the same.
Great colour temp range
Easy to setup
Solid build quality
Yeelight could be better

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  1. I’ve got 2 of these and the biggest issue I’m having (apart from the occasional flaky WiFi) is that the power connecter to the lamp is a bit dodgy, sometimes needs to be replugged or jiggled around for power. Strange thing is that it snaps in well but just doesn’t deliver power. I’ve also swapped them between units and have the same issue so I can’t even narrow it down to one of them.

  2. great review, but how did you connect to WiFi? mine looses connection and says it needs a Blueetooth Mesh gateway to use the app… I have to initialize it every time, but then it simply says “Offline” after a while 😔


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