Yobi B3 HomeKit doorbell available on Amazon

Following its Kickstarter campaign and pre-orders, the Yobi B3 is now available to order on Amazon.com. While this is not the first HomeKit doorbell to hit the market, with Robin Telecom being the first, it is the first that is not ridiculous priced at $199.

The Yobi B3 features full HD 1080p video with a 180º field of view and infrared night vision with a range of up to 9 meters. You also get two-way audio speaker/mic, motion sensor and is water resistant. The Yobi B3 is also powered by mains powered, so it’s ideal if you have an existing doorbell in place to replace. Connectivity is is via WiFi – 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz, but no support for 5GHz.

HomeKit Video Doorbell

As already mentioned the Yobi offers HomeKit support out of the box, however it does not support HomeKit Secure Video. Surprisingly, it does not offer local storage options for recorded footage either. This is because it does not a slot for SD storage or a hub like options from Eufy. Because of this, the doorbell is limited to being a simple video doorbell that works with HomeKit. Which, given its price at $199, this may limit its appeal.

You can order the Yobi B3 from Amazon today for $199 with Prime shipping. But if you are in the market for a HomeKit doorbell, I would hold off 1-2 months to see what other options arrive. Particularly rumored doorbells from Eufy and Netatmo that should feature local storage and HomeKit Secure Video.

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