Hands on with HomeKit in iOS 14 – Detailed walkthough




Yesterday Apple announced the new features coming to HomeKit in iOS 14. These include face detection for its HomeKit Secure Video offering, HomePod and Apple TV integration for HomeKit doorbells and colour changing for lights through the day.

Besides these enhancements to HomeKit, Apple has also included some smaller visual tweaks and cleaned up how things work. They have also delivered a new Home App design for the iPad that gives a clearer layout.

I have now spent time since the launch of iOS 14 digging through the features for HomeKit. In the main things are stable enough on both my iPad and iPhone XR running the iOS 14 beta’s.

So let’s dive into everything that is coming for HomeKit in iOS 14 in this detailed video walkthrough. We will add to this as the betas roll through and call out any major changes.




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